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Today’s Word of the Week aka WOtW is fain which has many meanings, but as a verb it can mean to ‘welcome (a person)’ (The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary) and that’s the meaning we’re looking for this week.  You now have one week to produce a creative fain.


We’re looking for images that reflect the meaning of fain – be as tangential and inventive as you like.  Post your image to:

EITHER:  The Urban Flash group on Flickr and use the tag WOTW7

OR:  Instagram using the hashtag #tpro_ldn_wotw7.


Write a piece of fiction, non-fiction or poetry (maximum 250 words) that includes the word fain. Paste the story into the body of an email and send to wotw@tprol.co.uk.  If you’re looking for a real challenge, submit a story using just 133 characters via Twitter using the  hashtag #thisisurbanflash.

The WOtW challenge is the warm-up for our forthcoming Urban Flash competition where words and images will collide to create a new collaborative, creative universe.  Each week, we’ll be finding a word and inviting participants to submit their interpretation of that word either photographically or textually. We’ll be featuring our favourites on the TPRoL website and we’re holding a monthly prize draw.  March’s winners will receive a signed copy of one of Geoff Nicholson’s books.

Copyright remains with the author/photographer at all times.  By entering the WOtW competition, you agree that TPRoL reserves the right to use the content on its website.