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WOtW4: Coruscate

By 10th February 2017 No Comments

Today’s WOtW is coruscate, a verb that means to ‘sparkle, flash’ (The Concise Oxford Dictionary).  Use your imagination and get creative with either images or words.  Post images to Instagram using the hashtag #tpro_ldn_wotw4 or to  The Urban Flash group on Flickr and use the tag WOTW4.

@Authors – write a piece of fiction, non-fiction or poetry (maximum 250 words) that includes the word of the week. Paste the story into the body of an email and send to wotw@tprol.co.uk.  If you’re looking for a real challenge, submit a story using fewer than 140 characters via Twitter using the  hashtag #thisisurbanflash.  NB: Change of hashtag.