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WOtW 6: Muskings

By 25th February 2017 No Comments

Our sixth word of the week is Muskings, which means: ‘Prob.: refuse swept up from a barn, etc., and used for feeding pigs’ (OED online).  It’s rather an old word, so we want to see the modern day equivalent.

Use your imagination and get creative with either images or words.  Post images to Instagram using the hashtag #tpro_ldn_wotw6 or to  The Urban Flash group on Flickr and use the tag WOTW6.

@Authors – write a piece of fiction, non-fiction or poetry (maximum 250 words) that includes the word of the week. Paste the story into the body of an email and send to wotw@tprol.co.uk.  If you’re looking for a real challenge, submit a story using fewer than 140 characters via Twitter using the  hashtag #thisisurbanflash.

More details here.