Two Blue Buckets by Peter Fraser


Signed copies of Peter Fraser’s Two Blue Buckets


Product Description

Signed copies of the “Director’s Cut” of Fraser’s seminal work Two Blue Buckets, which was first published in 1988. This edition includes 19 missing images from the original, a new essay by Gerry Badger, and a discussion between Peter Fraser and David Campany.
From Gerry Badger’s accompanying essay in the new publication:

‘It is clear that Two Blue Buckets, was a new kind of British photobook, so much so indeed as to cause a degree of puzzlement in certain quarters. In its contemplation of the banal and the metaphysics of object, its juggling of apparently disparate themes, and its intensely personal reflection, it prefigures much that was to follow. With this new ‘director’s cut’, as it were, we can not only get a more complete idea of Peter Fraser’s original conception, but also re-evaluate it in the light of almost thirty years of photobooks that have followed. This allows us to appreciate its originality afresh, and see how the quirky, diaristic sequence of photographs has moved from the fringes of the medium to the very heart of the mainstream.’

Published by Peperoni Books; hardback; 88.pp. Signed.