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Introducing Urban Flash

By 14th February 2017 No Comments

Urban Flash is an experimental initiative which brings together words and images via a series of chain reactions.  The aim is to produce a series of zines this year, a compendium of ‘the best of …’ in early 2018 and an installation at the end of Q1 2018.

In brief …

We’ll be providing some texts and images as the inspirational starting point for Round 1.  Photographers will use the texts to inform a series of four images, and we’ll be looking for interpretation rather than straightforward recording.  At the same time, writers will use the images as the inspiration for a piece of flash fiction or a poem.  Images and texts should be submitted by the end of April.  Round 2 begins on the 1st May, and the pool of material submitted in April becomes the inspiration for that round. And so it will continue …

At the end of Round 2, we’ll be selecting our favourites for the first zine.  We are delighted to have such a superb line-up of partners to assist with the selection.

To propel the project along, we’ll be posting regular inspirational blogs, organising Meet-Ups and a number of interesting events.  Full details of how to participate will be revealed at the launch event on the 15th March and simultaneously published on the website.  But if you’re itching to press the shutter or pick up the pen, then why not have a go at our warm-up challenge?